Mission, Philosophy, Values


The Children’s Cabinet exists to keep children safe and families together by offering services and resources that address unmet needs, through a unique and effective cooperative effort between the private sector and public agencies in Nevada.


This original mission statement, affirmed in 1985, has become central to the daily operations of the agency and is an integral part of staff’s approach to the provision of service. In addition to the vision of the mission statement, The Children’s Cabinet affirms the following beliefs and values:

Each child has the right to lead a healthy, safe existence, which will promote their capacity and opportunity to become responsible, productive adult citizens. Families can be strengthened by ensuring access to services that acknowledge the inherent value of each individual and their potential to contribute to society. We believe in encouraging an environment within families, schools, and neighborhoods that values the unique characteristics of each individual. Coordinating existing services will facilitate and improve access by families in need. We believe in the development of additional resources and in advocating for positive change for children and families based on documented community needs. We believe in the power and demonstrated skill of our staff to implement our philosophy and, by their own example, bring coordinated services to the children and families of this community.



Our Impact This Year

  • 1,277

    Parents helped with classes and training
  • 334

    Families helped with no-cost counseling services
  • 16,577

    Youth assisted through School and Street Outreach
  • 12,000

    Families helped through The Children's Cabinet Programs