The Children’s Cabinet is pleased to introduce the Vroom program! Vroom is a set of tools and resources designed to inspire families to turn everyday moments into “brain building moments” by layering activities that are essential to healthy brain development onto existing routines.

Vroom’s three core science principles: 

1) Positive Adult-Child Relationships

Positive, supportive experiences with parents and other adults are important to children’s brain development. These foundational interactions build brain architecture and help ensure that children will have strong and resilient brains. Vroom Tips give parents effective, easy ways to promote learning and bond with their child. It’s ideal to brain build from birth, but it’s never too late to start.

2) Back and Forth Interaction

During the earliest years of life, back and forth interactions between a child and caregivers create millions of neural connections in the child’s rapidly growing brain. Keeping the realities of busy parents in mind, we designed the Vroom Brain Building Basics—Look, Follow, Chat, Take Turns, and Stretch—to turn interactions that happen during shared time into brain building moments.

These Basics (and our related Vroom Tips) encourage parents to build their child’s brain by making eye contact, chatting from birth on, stretching out moments with follow-up comments or questions, and more. Vroom makes it easy for parents to create connections that help their children thrive now and in the future.

3) Life Skills that Promote Executive Function

Life skills that promote strong executive functions—skills that might sound complicated to learn and promote—can actually develop naturally through positive childhood experiences. Life skills are critical during children’s earliest years as well as in the future. They include focus, self control, problem-solving, and taking on challenges. Vroom tips help parents build their child’s skills in these important areas.

Learn more, find fun tips and activities, and download the app here.



Our Impact This Year

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    Parents helped with classes and training
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    Families helped with no-cost counseling services
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