Safety Intervention and Permanency System (SIPS) is a Case Management program that provides intensive in-home safety services to families with open cases with Child Protective Services.

The SIPS program is a partnership initiative with Washoe County Department of Social Services, which is funded by the Children’s Bureau. While Department social workers engage caregivers in case plan activities, the SIPS Case Manager manages and meets immediate needs for child safety. The three goals of the initiative include preventing children from entering long-term foster care, improving permanency for children in foster care, and decreasing the amount of time it takes foster care youth to achieve permanency.

For more information, contact the SIPS Program Director, Jacquelyn Kleinedler at 775-352-8090.

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Our Impact This Year

  • 1,277

    Parents helped with classes and training
  • 334

    Families helped with no-cost counseling services
  • 16,577

    Youth assisted through School and Street Outreach
  • 12,000

    Families helped through The Children's Cabinet Programs