Redfield Academy


The Redfield Academy provides Washoe County students at risk of dropping out of high school with the opportunity to recover credits and work toward graduation. Our students may choose to return to a traditional school setting or graduate from Redfield Academy. It is the mission of the Redfield Academy to keep students engaged in order to get back on track to achieve their educational goals.

Designed by a collaboration between The Children’s Cabinet, Washoe County School District and Washoe County Juvenile Services in 2008, Redfield Academy fills a critical need for the community by providing educational opportunities and support services for youth who are on the path to dropping out of school.  Redfield Academy is located at The Children’s Cabinet’s Wilbur D. May Youth Center at 777 Sinclair Street in Midtown.

“With the number of students in a class at a time being so small, it gives our teachers the ability to really help each one of us as best and as much as they can. They are always pushing us to do our best because they see something within us that we can’t see ourselves. They see potential in us.”

Students find success at Redfield Academy because the school provides . . .

  • A small setting, with teacher attention (1:13 ratio) and few distractions
  • The opportunity for students to develop goals and move at their own pace, fast or slow
  • Access to family counseling, food and financial support, safe transportation, career mentorship, and weekly P.E. and team-building activitites
  • An atmosphere of care, respect, and understanding
  • A focus on graduation and achieving other life-changing goals

For more information, contact the Redfield Academy Program Director, Lacey Keele, at 775-352-8090.



Our Impact This Year

  • 1,277

    Parents helped with classes and training
  • 334

    Families helped with no-cost counseling services
  • 16,577

    Youth assisted through School and Street Outreach
  • 12,000

    Families helped through The Children's Cabinet Programs