Signs of Suicide

The Signs of Suicide Prevention Program is a nationally recognized program for middle and high school-age students.  The program teaches students through a video and through discussion how to identify the symptoms of depression and suicidality in themselves or their friends and encourages help-seeking through the use of the ACT technique (Acknowledge, Care, Tell).

Additionally, youth participating in the program can be screened (only with parental consent) for signs of suicidiality or depression. Results of the screening are not diagnostic, but can indicate the presence or absence, of symptoms that are consistent or inconsistent with depression or suicide.

For more information or if you are interested in conducting the SOS Prevention Program with a youth group, contact the Signs of Suicide Program Coordinator, Nathan Holland, 775-348-6777,

Please note: If you or someone is having active thoughts of suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or visit their website at If this is an emergency you may also dial 911 for assistance.


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Our Impact This Year

  • 1,277

    Parents helped with classes and training
  • 334

    Families helped with no-cost counseling services
  • 16,577

    Youth assisted through School and Street Outreach
  • 12,000

    Families helped through The Children's Cabinet Programs