Nevada Employer Childcare Development Contact Form

The Employer Childcare Development Program supports Nevada businesses with attracting and retaining their workforce by supporting family-friendly policies and benefits. Employers who help find or offset the cost of childcare are more likely to retain their workforce.  

Our 5-Step Process: 

  1. Understand Your Business: We will take the time to understand your business model and what makes you unique.  We will talk about your company culture, goals and needs. Understanding your business will help drive our conversations and inform possible solutions to increase your family-friendly policies and fringe benefits.   
  2. Analyze Current Benefits Package: Our program will assess your current benefits package and benchmark it against national and local standards. 
  3. Unique Employee Needs Assessment: Understanding how your employee demographics and needs intersect is paramount to identifying solutions that have the greatest return on investment.
  4. Aggregate Results & Make Recommendations: Once we have a deep understanding of your workforce needs, we will tailor solutions based on your goals, business, and employees.  You will be provided with a comprehensive report that aggregates our needs assessment findings and describes possible childcare solutions. 
  5. Support to Implement: We support you through implementation as you decide to execute one or more of the recommended childcare solutions.  We will assist you in connecting with local partners and through the execution of each benefit.   

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