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There are a variety of great resources for information, and we have compiled many below about our community. 

State of Child Care in Nevada: Demographics Report

This report provides county-level data on the supply, demand, quality, and availability of child care in Nevada. State and county data are used to identify trends and make recommendations for improving how our state and individual counties meet the child care needs of our workforce.


The Economic Impact of Early Care and Education in Nevada

This report describes how the Early Care and Education (ECE) industry has become a significant component of Nevada’s economic infrastructure by providing financial benefits in three main ways:

  • ECE supports a strong future economy by preparing children to enter K-12 education ready to learn the skills necessary to succeed in school and become productive workers;
  • ECE enables parents to work and/or update their skills, which increases productivity for the state’s businesses; and
  • ECE provides a significant number of jobs and generates considerable revenue in its own right.

Access the Full Report

Access the Executive Summary



I’m Ready for K! What I know about Nevada’s Pre-K Standards and more: A booklet for my parents and teachers.

I’m Ready was created to support children moving from preschool to kindergarten. Both parents and preschool teachers can use I’m Ready to share examples of Nevada’s Pre-K standards that children have mastered as well as areas where they might need more support. It is our hope that the guidebook will help parents and preschool teachers work together to support children in developing the skills they need to be ready for kindergarten. When shared with the kindergarten teacher before school starts, this booklet will help teachers tailor their lessons to the students’ needs.

I’m Ready for K!
¡Estoy Listo para el Kindergarten!

Advocacy Guidebook

The following guidebook will help give you the knowledge and encouragement necessary to speak up on issues that are important to you. It will support you in becoming involved at your own comfort level, so you can speak up to local, state, and federal policymakers.
Advocacy Guidebook

Abuse & Neglect Awareness Booklet

This booklet contains six bilingual fact sheets on parenting, attachment, and child development. Research suggests that by providing supports and education to parents on these topics, the risk of abuse and neglect can be effectively reduced.
Abuse & Neglect Booklet

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