Our Team

Executive Team

Kim Young

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Brazier

Chief Operations Officer

Pam Becker

Director of Human Resources

Ashleigh Foster

Donor Relations Director

Kristin Loebbecke

Director of Development

Gilly Quinn

Events and Volunteer Coordinator

Mike Torvinen

Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer Zimmerman

Human Resource Manager

Supporting Early Education & Development

Marty Elquist

Department Director

Danielle Holmes

Program Director, Las Vegas

Brianna Cambra

Regional Director, Quality

Chelsea Sliter

Program Manager, Subsidy

Denise Tanata

NV Strong Start Director

Family & Youth Intervention Department

Jacquelyn Kleinedler

Department Director

Jeremy Stocking

Department Director

Lisa Boneck

Program Manager

Kimberley Hargrove

Program Manager

Lacey Keele

Program Manager

Jessica Rosas

Program Manager

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