The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has announced that The Children’s Cabinet will receive a grant of $250,000 each year for five years, culminating in $1,250,000, to build integrated maternal and early childhood systems of care that are equitable, sustainable, comprehensive, and inclusive of the health system. This will promote early developmental health and family well-being and increase family-centered access to care and engagement of the prenatal-to-3-year-old (P-3) population. The Children’s Cabinet will join 20 other partner organizations within the state to support families.

Called the Nevada Strong Start Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems project, this grant seeks to achieve five goals:

  1. Increase state-level infrastructure and capacity in Nevada to strengthen statewide maternal and early childhood systems of care.
  2. Increase coordination and alignment between maternal and child health and other statewide systems that impact young children and families to advance a common vision for early developmental health and family well-being in Nevada.
  3. Increase the capacity of health and early childhood systems in Nevada to deliver and effectively connect families to a continuum of services that promote early developmental health and family well-being, beginning prenatally.
  4. Identify and implement policy and financing strategies that support the funding and sustainability of multigenerational, preventive services and systems for the prenatal to three populations in Nevada.
  5. Increase state-level capacity to advance equitable and improved access to services for underserved prenatal to three populations.

“The Children’s Cabinet is excited for this work which will result in a coordinated, sustainable, early childhood comprehensive system in Nevada,” said Kim Young, Executive Director of The Children’s Cabinet.

Using the grant, The Children’s Cabinet will work collaboratively with partner organizations to achieve the five goals above by broadening coordination of system building across maternal and early childhood systems of care.

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