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Hello, Brain Builders!

I’m Sara Schrichte and my job is to spread the word about Vroom®. Vroom is a set of free tools for parents and caregivers who want to help prepare children for school, friends and life. Follow me to learn about using Vroom and the science behind it. You already have what it takes to make shared moments with your child even more impactful! I’ll share updates and information with you monthly on this blog. I’ll also share with you through The Children’s Cabinet’s social media pages. 


You are your child’s first teacher!

Children’s brains grow the fastest from birth through age 5. Babies are born ready to learn and the time you spend with your child can help their brains grow strong. Even a few minutes count!

Parents and caregivers play a special role in these first 5 years as their child’s first and most important teachers. They’re also the people who know the child the best.

Helping your child learn now gets them ready for the future.  In your busy life, everyday moments and routines like mealtime, bath time, diaper changes and trips to the grocery store are chances to create Brain Building Moments™ that help your child learn and thrive. Using Vroom will help you see all the ways you are supporting your child’s developing brain everywhere, every day. You already have what it takes!

Parent Nights and Parenting Classes

The Children’s Cabinet is hosting free Parent Nights designed to help families and caregivers to find activities to support their child’s development.  Attend these sessions to see how Vroom and other resources can help your child get ready for school without any extra time or money.  To see parenting resources and register for Parent Nights or parenting classes, visit

Why Vroom?

Vroom reaches a community of more than 1.5 million parents and providers: Mothers, fathers, grandparents, and siblings are incorporating Vroom Tips™ into everyday moments throughout their daily routines. And professionals like doctors, teachers, receptionists, business owners, and librarians are using Vroom to promote healthy brain development and create meaningful connections, one Vroom Tip™ at a time.

For parents concerned about their child’s school readiness, Vroom helps support learning at home, on the go, or anywhere.  for more tips and Vroom resources, visit

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