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The Vroom Corner – Pinwheels for Prevention

April is an important month – it is National Child Abuse Prevention Month! This is a month where many individuals and organizations come together to highlight the importance of systems and programs that support our families as part of a bigger effort to keep children safe. As a community we can work together to prevent child abuse and neglect. There are many great resources across Nevada that seek to prevent Child Abuse in many different ways. Please reach out to the Children’s Cabinet to find more information about our resources. It is our mission to keep children safe and families together, and we whole-heartedly live by this mission in all of our programs.


Pinwheels for Prevention

Pinwheels represent “lightheartedness and the vision for a world where all children grow up happy, healthy, and prepared to succeed in supportive families and communities” (Prevent Child Abuse America). This is why the Children’s Cabinet joins many organizations across the nation in hosting a Pinwheels for Prevention event. This year the Washoe County Library System generously offered their Sparks Library location to host the event. Families and community partners came out and helped us plant pinwheels in support of preventing child abuse in Nevada.

Want to plant a pinwheel in your yard to show your support? Click here for the pinwheels template and instructions provided by Prevent Child Abuse America.

Vroom Tip: Practing Perspective Taking

Talking to our children about what others are thinking helps them understand someone else’s perspective as early as the Pre-K age years. Did you know children that have better perspective taking skills are shown to have less aggressive interactions with others? By helping promote perspective taking skills we are helping our children with so many things, including their social skills. We can promote this life skill by talking about what a character might be feeling throughout a story as we read with our children, or by asking what other children and adults might be feeling in real-world situations. Try this tip with your little one, and remember to be patient – learning to take someone’s perspective takes time. 

Learn the Science!

You can learn more about the science behind Vroom by taking a Mind in the Making class. These interactive sessions help us understand the science behind children’s early development. They also offer us simple, everyday ways we can promote strong life skills for the children in our lives.
The Children’s Cabinet offers Mind in the Making classes in-person and online for parents and providers. Please join us at one of our classes this month!

FREE Parenting Classes this month

For parenting classes on Mind in The Making, please see the training dates this month:

No Available MITM Parenting Classes in April, please check out our other Children’s Cabinet Parenting Classes here.

FREE Provider Classes this month

For Provider Classes this month, please see the following dates:

April 11th – Virtual
MITM Life Skill #3: Communicating 

April 13th – In-Person (Reno)
MITM Life Skill #3: Communicating 

Download the Vroom App Today!

Our senses are one of the first things we use to understand the world around us. We see, hear, smell, taste, and touch things in our environment to process information and gain a deeper understanding. When children are given a new toy they might look it over, squeeze it, and even put it in there mouth. This serves an important purpose as it allows children to begin to put the pieces of the puzzles of our world together. Vroom has many tips on how we can enhance sensory moments with our little scientists! These tips can be used at home, school, in the car, on a walk – anywhere! To get a better idea of how the Vroom app works check out this video and start your brain building activities today! Text ‘VROOM’ to 48258 to start receiving tips for your home or classroom today!

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Please feel free to get in contact with me to discuss how to incorporate Vroom into your life!

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