The Vroom Corner – December

Sara Schrichte, Program Coordinator

Hello Brain Builders!

Welcome to this month’s Vroom Corner. As you prepare for the busy holiday season, you may be spending more time with your little one. Try a few Vroom Tips to enhance the bond you share with your children and to help their brains grow! 

Adults who continue to learn about child development have greater success in parenting and caregiving. Join us in January for the next Healthy Family Fun Night to enhance your knowledge.


Ready to try Vroom?

Download the free Vroom app or text “GROW” to 48258 and start receiving (English) Vroom Tips via text. Text “CRECER” to 48258 for tips in Spanish.

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Vroom works to help build adult-child bonds

Vroom Tips™ empower parents and caregivers to make the most of the little daily interactions they have with their children every day. Science shows these moments of connection not only build relationships, they boost brain development. It doesn’t take extra time or money. Used by more than 1.5 million caregivers, the Vroom app and Vroom by Text™ are always free and at your fingertips. Vroom is here to help inspire new ideas and encourage more of what parents are already doing to support their child’s early brain-building.

12 Days of Christmas Vroom Tips

Have fun and build your child’s brain this holiday season! Click the image below to download the 12 Days of Christmas Vroom Tips from our friends at Mississippi Thrive.

Vroom Tip #878: Family Time

Try this Vroom Tip to build your child’s literacy skills and help them feel closer to family.  

Invite your child to tell a story using family photos. Look through them together and ask what they want to say about them. Then write down the words they say. They can add drawings, scribbles, or letters too.  They’ll be so excited to have their words written down!

Your child is using their focus and self-control to concentrate on looking closely at the pictures, while using their communication skills to figure out what they want to say and how to say it. When you make language and writing personal, you help them build a lifelong love of literacy.

Have you used Vroom? Tell us your story - you could win a prize!

The Children’s Cabinet is collecting stories from Nevada parents and caregivers who have used Vroom. Check out the video of Sandra’s story for inspiration! 

Click the link below and answer “Yes” to the survey question. We will follow up with a quick 2-minute phone call on how Vroom has impacted the children in your life. You could be 1 of 5 $20 gift card winners!

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