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The Vroom Corner – January 2023

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Hannah West
The New Year is the perfect time to try new things and build on our strengths. Are you interested in learning more ways to turn simple chores or errands into fun activities with your little ones? Looking to find more ideas for how you can stretch out conversations with your children over a variety of topics? Or are you interested in learning more about your child’s brain development and how to promote it? Both Vroom and Mind in The Making are here to help you with all of that, and so much more! Reach out for more information on how you can become a part of the Brain Builder movement with your family and community!

Vroom Tip of the Month

Making a brain building moment can be as simple as using the sights, sounds, smells around us to start a conversation. Check out this Vroom tip for an idea on making a brain building moment with our child based on the sounds around us.

Learn the Science!

You can learn more about the science behind Vroom by taking a Mind in the Making class. These interactive sessions help us understand the science behind children’s early development. They also offer us simple, everyday ways we can promote strong life skills for the children in our lives.
The Children’s Cabinet offers Mind in the Making classes in-person and online for parents and providers. Please join us at one of our classes this month!

FREE Provider Classes this month

Mind in the Making (MITM) shares the science of children’s learning and brain development through innovative in-depth training and materials geared for action. Parenting classes on Mind in the Making are back in session at our Rock Blvd location in Reno, NV. Please see below for the following dates this month:

January 17 – In-Person (Reno)
MITM Life Skill #4: Making Connections

Click to go to class schedule

FREE Provider Classes this month

Mind in the Making (MITM) shares the science behind our Vroom program through innovative in-depth training and materials geared for action. For Provider Classes this January, please see the following dates:

January 23 Virtual (Statewide)
MITM Life Skill #4: Making Connections

You Already Have What It Takes

What does it take to be promote a child’s brain development? It takes you! As a parent, we recognize that you are your child’s first teacher.  One major goal of Vroom is to highlight to families that you already have what it takes to support your child’s brain development in a healthy way that will make a difference in their life! Simply by creating meaningful interactions with your child, you are already taking the first step to be a Brain Builder. 

Provider Survey for Vroom

Thank you to all providers who have been working with and/or distributing Vroom materials to the community that you serve! You are an essential puzzle piece to these programs! We want to hear from you. Please use the QR code or click here to fill out our survey and be entered in for a chance to win 1 of 3 $100 Lakeshore gift cards!


Mind In The Making trainings are not only available in the asynchronous 2-hour modules for providers, but also as the full series. We have a full series training planned in February/March. Due to the training being 16 hours total, we have split up the days between two super Saturdays — February 25th, and March 18th at our Matley location.*
*To receive credit for the course all trainers are required to attend both trainings.

Mind in The Making Training Series

For more information and to register for the in-person training, please go to our events calendar.

To order Vroom Collateral, please click here ————>

For more information and questions please contact me at:          775-856-0134

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