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The Vroom Corner – Summer Time Tips

April is an important month – it is National Child Abuse Prevention Month! This is a month where many individuals and organizations come together to highlight the importance of systems and programs that support our families as part of a bigger effort to keep children safe. As a community we can work together to prevent child abuse and neglect. There are many great resources across Nevada that seek to prevent Child Abuse in many different ways. Please reach out to the Children’s Cabinet to find more information about our resources. It is our mission to keep children safe and families together, and we whole-heartedly live by this mission in all of our programs.



Vroom is different from other educational apps. Vroom is the app that is meant to be put down in order to use it correctly. It has many tips that you can use for your next summertime outing. Going for a walk? Use the Path Predictor tip. Looking to have a picnic and relax? Try the Cloud Watching tip. Or are you looking to play a game to pass the time on a trip to the park? Play ‘Red Light, Green Light’ and try this tip to make the game more challenging for your child’s growing brain. If you’re on the go and not sure how to pass the time with young child, download the Vroom app or text GROW to (or CRECER to receive Tips in Spanish) to 48258. 


If you want to bring brain-building activities with you on a summer road trip, look no further. Vroom has customized tips for your family to use while on the road on vacation. Print these tips or take a screenshot to bring in your luggage. Click the links below to check out your summer Vroom tips-

Vroom Tip: Practing Perspective Taking

Children are little scientists! They love asking questions, are eager to observe the people and things around them, and are constantly experimenting to learn how the world works. Try this tip to encourage your preschooler to take a hands-on approach to their own learning. When children play an active role in their own learning, we are encouraging them to be life-long learners. It also helps them to better understand the subject matter. Not to mention it helps build your relationship with your little one!

Los niños son como pequeños científicos! A ellos les encanta hacer preguntas!  Los niños  ansían aprender y observar a las personas y al ambiente que los rodea. Los niños estan continuamente experimentando para entender como el mundo funciona. Pruebe esta sugerencia para animar a su niño de edad pre- escolar a manipular su propio aprendizaje. Promover la curiosidad de los niños tiene muchos beneficios. Cuando los niños toman parte en su propio aprendizaje, ellos obtienen un mayor entendimiento del material que están discutiendo. Los estamos alentando a ser aprendices de por vida, pero lo más importante es la relación que está desarrollando con su niño.

Learn the Science!

You can learn more about the science behind Vroom by taking a Mind in the Making class. These interactive sessions help us understand the science behind children’s early development. They also offer us simple, everyday ways we can promote strong life skills for the children in our lives.
The Children’s Cabinet offers Mind in the Making classes in-person and online for parents and providers. Please join us at one of our classes this month!

FREE Parenting Classes this month

For parenting classes on Mind in The Making, please see the training dates this month:

June 5th – In-Person (Reno)

MITM Life Skill #3: Communicating

FREE Provider Classes this month

For Provider Classes this month, please see the following dates:

June 15th – Virtual
The Brain Science Behind Vroom

June 20th – Virtual
MITM Life Skill #2: Perspective Taking

Download the Vroom App Today!

June is a month of many celebrations. June 18th is Father’s Day! We want to celebrate all the wonderful fathers and father figures out there! As the video says, every little thing you do makes a difference in your child’s life. Being a parent or caregiver is a challenge at times, but the hard work is so worth it and does not go unnoticed. The research is in, children whose fathers are involved in their daily care such as feeding, bathing and playing together, tend to be more confident; and, as they grow older, enjoy stronger social connections with peers. For more information on the research on fatherhood click here.

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Please feel free to get in contact with me to discuss how to incorporate Vroom into your life!

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