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The Vroom Corner – March 2023

Join us at the Children’s Cabinet in celebrating National Reading Month! There are so many ways we can celebrate Reading Month with our children – read their favorite book with them before bed time, let your child pick out a book of their choice from the library to read something new together, donate books that your child no longer reads, take turns making up a story of your own, and so much more.  What are some ideas you can come up with to make National Reading Month fun with the children in your life?
Did you know, you can also download the free Libby app to start reading free e-books and audiobooks?

Vroom Tip For National Reading Month

A box is just a box, or is it? There are no limits to what a box can be in a rabbit’s imagination in this creative book.”

Celebrate Reading Month by reading Not A Box by Antoinette Portis with your little one. This tip is perfect for infants and toddlers because it’s the perfect time for us parents or providers to start promoting a child’s creativity. Don’t have the book? That’s perfectly fine! This story is all about using our imagination, after all. Grab a box and see all of the different things you can imagine it to be. 

Learn the Science!

You can learn more about the science behind Vroom by taking a Mind in the Making class. These interactive sessions help us understand the science behind children’s early development. They also offer us simple, everyday ways we can promote strong life skills for the children in our lives.
The Children’s Cabinet offers Mind in the Making classes in-person and online for parents and providers. Please join us at one of our classes this month!

FREE Parenting Classes this month

For parenting classes on Mind in The Making, please see the training dates this month:

March 14 – In-Person (Reno)
MITM Life Skill #2: Perspective Taking

FREE Provider Classes this month

For Provider Classes this month, please see the following dates:

March 11 AND March 18- In-Person (Reno)
MITM Institute: Full 16-hour Training (Participants must attend both days to get full NV Registry Credit.)

Download the Vroom App Today!

Children thrive off of activities that can engage their brain and stretch their skills. If your looking for fun ideas to spruce up chores, errands, bedtimes, mealtimes, and so on then check out the Vroom app! There are 1,000+ of tips for any occasion. Vroom activities are catered to meet your child where they are at developmentally. They can be used at home, school, in the car, on a walk – anywhere! To get a better idea of how the Vroom app works check out this video and start your brain building activities today!

Vroom's Three Core Scientific Principles

1. Positive Adult-Child Relationships

  • Positive, supportive experiences with adult caregivers are important to children’s brain development. These interactions help a child’s brain grow strong, and build their bond with the important the adults in a child’s life.
2. Back and Forth Interactions
  • During the earliest years of life, back and forth interactions between a child and their caregivers create millions of neural connections in the child’s brain. 

3. Life Skills Promote Executive Function

  •  Executive function skills are at the heart of Vroom’s tips and activities. Executive Functions are skills we use to help us listen to instructions, plan ahead, have self-contol,  focus our attention, and juggle multiple tasks. 


PLEASE NOTE* our Mind In The Making super Saturday trainings had been postponed due to the weather. If you are interested in participating please note that the training days will now take place on March 11th and March 18th at our Rock Blvd location.
*To receive credit for the course all trainers are required to attend both trainings.

Mind in The Making Training Series

For more information and to register for the in-person training, please go to our events calendar.
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Hannah West

Please feel free to get in contact with me to discuss how to incorporate Vroom into your life!

To order Vroom Collateral, please click here ————>

For more information and questions please contact me at:          775-856-0134

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