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The Vroom Corner – Relationships and Bonding

For many of us, February is a month for reflecting on our relationships with our loved ones. How we build our relationships and bond with our young children can highly impact them long past childhood. Bonding is the process of creating a loving, healthy attachment with your child. A 2012 study by the Essential Parent Company showed that around 80% of new parents felt both anxious and completely unprepared for the practical skills they need to look after their new baby.[1] This is where a healthy support system becomes a necessity.
Babies naturally bond with their parents, but they can also develop close attachments with other people who regularly, lovingly care for them and make them feel safe. This close circle may include grandparents, paid caregivers, other family members and friends Regardless of how big or small your support system may be, The Children’s Cabinet is here to help our parents and caregivers (If you are a new parent looking for resources and support- please reach out, and take a look at our last Vroom blog post for new parents).  Vroom has many essential tips to help you bond with your little one, and establish a healthy relationship from day one.  
  1. Essential Parent Co. Survey of parental anxiety’ unpublished manuscript. N = 500 new and expectant parents. 2012


Fun to play for Preschoolers

Are you a parent located in the Las Vegas area?  If so, The University of Nevada, Reno is offering a series of events in Las Vegas that are aimed at encouraging positive-parent child interactions through creative play. Play is essential to a child’s healthy development, and engagement through play encourages a child’s language, social skills, and problem-solving abilities.

Each week the program will focus on different Nevada Pre-K Standards: Visual Arts, Physical Development, Music  Movement, Language & Early Literacy, Health & Safety, Mathematics, and Science & Social & Emotional. This Program has three more dates left in their series: February 7th, February 14th, and February 21st all from 9:30-10:30 am. 


For more information on how to attend this February event, please click here!


Vroom Tip of the Month

Today’s Vroom Tip is called ‘Daily Challenge’. During your nightly routine, create a story out of some part of your day. Did you finish some big project at work? Make a dramatic story out of it. Use ‘characters,’ objects, and big facial expressions your child might recognize to keep them engaged, but also introduce new words to them when you can. Watch your child’s eyes light up as they enjoy your story, and this will surely be a beautiful bonding moment that both you and your child look forward to each night.

Learn the Science: The Importance of Strong Caregiver-Child Relationships

More and more evidence in various fields from developmental psychology to neurobiology shows us that parental neglect, parental inconsistency, and a lack of love is strongly correlated to long-term mental health problems with the child as well as their overall success and happiness later in life. When we think about what it means to be a ‘good’ caregiver to young children we might feel inundated with information on the topic, but the research points to one thing particularly- “The most valuable gift that a child can receive is free; it’s simply a parent’s love, time, and support”(Winston & Chicot, 2016). 

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of creating a bond with your child, let’s talk the ways you can interact with a young child in a way that promotes a healthy bond with them. Vroom’s Brain Building Basics are used to promote your child’s brain development while bonding with them. Please check out below – 

If you try looking where your child looks, taking turns playing and talking with them, making and stretching out fun conversations, and following a child’s lead then you are creating a healthy bond with them that will have lasting effects throughout their lifetime. All of these Vroom Brain Building Basics are rooted in the science of growing our children’s brains healthy and strong to prepare them for a long and successful life ahead of them. 


There are many free programs for caregivers looking for tips on how to create a close bond with their children. Parenting is hard, give yourself some grace and reach out for help if and when you need it.  If you would like to know how the Children’s Cabinet can support you, or connect you with other resources, call us:

 Children’s Cabinet, Reno – 775-856-6200Children’s Cabinet, Las Vegas – 702-825-8978

Information on the importance of bonding (and tips on ways to bond) with your infant and/or young child –


Library Storytimes with Parents of Young Children (0-5) – 

Washoe County Library System Calendar –

Washoe County Library logo

Las Vegas Library District Calendar –

Las Vegas-Clark County Library District

Resources and Activities for At-Home Relationship and Brain-Building – PBS Kids Reno

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Parenting Classes and Programs – Children’s Cabinet Parent Programs

The Children's Cabinet

Download the Vroom App Today!

It can seem impossible to add another thing to our list of “to-do’s,” and this is where a program like Vroom comes in. It’s about the quality of time we can spend in all the little between moments that make up our day. The tips that come with Vroom go hand in hand with the activities, routines, and schedules of busy families. Are you a busy parent who’s always on the go? Vroom Tips can be used during our commute to and from our destination. Are you a caregiver who is busy with chores after a long day at work? Add a Vroom Tip to your chores or your conversation with your little one at dinner time and bedtime.

Try Vroom to be a part of the brain-building movement today.

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