Finding Child Care

Email to be connected to a Child Care Resource & Referral (CCR&R) staff member.

The Children’s Cabinet is proud to connect parents with child care providers. You can generate your own licensed child care provider search 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by using our online database. Visit our online child care search portal at

The Children’s Cabinet’s staff can also help you if you need personalized assistance with your child care search.  We will ask you a variety of questions to help locate care that best meets your and your child’s needs. You will then get a list of licensed providers based on the information you provided. We can even answer questions about licensing, financial assistance options, and other community resources at that time. We pride ourselves on being able to support you while you choose the best care for you and your family.

Are you thinking about asking a family, friend, or neighbor (FFN) to care for your child? Our CCR&R staff can help you with important questions to ask and things to consider. If you are a parent on the child care subsidy program, Nevada requires FFN caregivers receiving child care subsidy payments to have health and safety training and background checks. We can assist you in this process as well.

Steps to Finding Quality Child Care

We are your resource for locating quality child care. Here are some easy steps to find care for you and your family:

  1. Visit providers and ask questions
  • Make sure you visit the child care options you are considering. When visiting providers, ask several questions to see if it is the perfect match. Find out how the environment feels to you and get references whenever possible.
  1. Check Licensing History
  1. Make a decision
  • Finally, the difficult part – make a decision! Use your notes and follow your gut.
  1. Stay involved
  • Research shows that children have higher school achievement when they have families who stay involved in their care and education. Visiting and working with your care provider sends a strong message to your provider and child: “My child’s education, development, and safety are important to me!”
  1. Create a back-up child care plan
  • One of the biggest problems working parents have is finding care when children are sick or when regular child care arrangements break down. The very best time to think about backup care is when you are first making your regular child care plans. Our Child Care Back-Up Planner can help you create your back-up plan. Available in English or Español:

Remember, have a backup plan:

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