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Nevada Employer Child Care Development

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Being Family-Friendly is Business-Friendly

Replacing an employee costs a business 6-9 months of that employee’s salary.

Reduce absenteeism by 30%.

Decrease turnover by 60%.

Not all employers can offer on-site childcare, but there are many options for businesses to support their employees’ work-life balance. This Program assists businesses in designing a meaningful benefits package and creating a culture that embraces and supports working parents. The days of “work comes first” and “family comes second” are gone. The workforce of today seek a sustainable work-life balance that prioritizes family-friendly employers.


2024 Best Places for Working Parents Businesses!

This is the list of businesses statewide that have taken the survey and received the designation of Best Places for Working Parents!

72% of Nevadans

Live in a childcare desert.

A childcare desert is any census tract with more than 50 children under age 5 that contains either no child care providers or so few options that there are more than three times as many children as licensed child care slots.

40% of
Family Budget

The median cost of having 2 children in a childcare center is $24,724 per year.  Two working parents with a median gross income are spending 40% of their total budget on childcare.  A single parent is spending 76% of their budget. The US Department of Health recommends no more than 10% of a household budget on childcare.

Care is Expensive

The median price of infant care is $13,420 which is higher than the median housing rent ($12,708) or college ($8,798).

83% of Millennials

Will change jobs for more family-friendly benefits.

Currently the workforce is comprised of 35% Millennials, by 2025 the workforce will be 43% Millennials, which will be the majority.  

Our business programs and resources are free to the public thanks to funding from the Administration for Children and Families Child Care and Development Fund through a subaward agreement with the Nevada Division of Welfare and Supportive Services Child Care and Development Program.

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