Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems in Action: Nevada

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The NV Early Childhood Fiscal Mapping Project is being conducted in two phases.

Phase one included participation in a national cohort of states to map out funding streams (state and federal) that support a range of programs and services for children and young adults ages 0‐24. Phase one of the project is near complete and the fiscal map (presented through Microsoft Power BI) was presented to the Nevada ECAC in July 2023. The Children’s Funding Project, who serves as the vendor for this project, is making final edits to the fiscal map, which will be available publicly in September or early October 2023.

Phase two of the project, which is supported through grants to The Children’s Cabinet from the Children’s Advocacy Alliance (Pritzker PN3 Grant) and the Division of Welfare and Supportive Services, Child Care and Development Program (CRSSA and ARPA Grants), will focus on development of an Early Childhood Fiscal Map and Gap Analysis. The Early Childhood Fiscal Map will be added to the Phase one Power BI Fiscal Map to focus in on funding streams that support the early childhood sector, specific to prenatal to age 5 population. The Early Childhood Fiscal Gap Analysis will assess and identify funding gaps in the early childhood system for a group of select programs and services. The report will also include potential revenue options, feasibility analysis, and final recommendations for scaling identified programs and services in Nevada.

The Nevada Early Childhood Advisory Council (ECAC) works to strengthen state-level coordination and collaboration among the various sectors and settings of early childhood programs.

ECAC members are appointed by the Governor of Nevada. ECAC meetings are held every other month and are open to the public.

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