What is Vroom®?

Vroom believes all parents want what’s best for their children. Vroom joined with scientists, researchers, and parents to take the science out of the lab and put it in the hands of caregivers. Vroom provides science-based tips and tools to inspire families to turn shared, everyday moments into Brain Building Moments®, and it doesn’t require more time, money, or extra stuff.

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Vroom Partners

What does it mean to be a Vroom Partner? 

It means you have decided to join Nevada’s Brain Building Movement to support your employees, your family, or your community by sharing what Vroom can offer to parents. Did you know that 90% of brain development happens in the first 5 years of a child’s life? Vroom makes it easy! 

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Parents transform everyday moments with Vroom

"Vroom has helped us as parents feel like we are doing enough by focusing on those everyday moments with our two children. As parents, we are bombarded with different resources that are not always easy to use or come with a cost but Vroom is designed to be user friendly and the best part it is FREE. Vroom has become a huge part of our daily interactions in our home."
Jessica M.
Reno, NV

Vroom Tips support school readiness

The Children’s Cabinet has collected Vroom Tips to help prepare your child for school. These Tip Collections are fun activities for parents and caregivers to do with children age 3-5 years old. These Tips help build the skills Nevada’s children need for kindergarten and beyond! 

Click the buttons below to download Vroom Tip sheets in English or Spanish
For more information, please reach out to Hannah West, Program Coordinator at hwest@childrenscabinet.org

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